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Virtual Reality

We are veteran developers of VR content having produced games and various projects since the early days of Oculus Rift prototypes. Our games and applications range from immersive experiences to architectural visualizations and XR healthcare apps.

Virtual Athletic Club

physical therapy Virtual Reality experience developed for Penumbra's Real system. Uses state of the art body tracking technology and VR gameplay to rehabilitate patients with professional physical therapists.


Forgesmith VR


A launch title for the Gear VR motion controller, Forgesmith VR is a unique blend of musical rhythm game, roguelike RPG, and management sim. 


Available for Gear VR and Go

Caldera Defense

An early release for the Gear VR in 2015, Caldera Defense is one of the first VR tower defense games--tower defense where you are the tower.

Available for Gear VR


For both Virtual and Mixed reality productions, it is often necessary to perform reality capture services to create realistic content. This includes 3D scanning humans and environments, holographic video capture, and VR video production for both narrative and documentary subjects.


FLARB works with a network of partners to produce the best results. Some examples of our work can be found below.

3D Scanning


We work with a variety of partners to produce both high-resolution VFX-quality 3D scans and low resolution models for Snapchat and other consumer AR platforms.

This example is using Samsung's  HoloLab technology.

VR Video

VR video is a great tool to use when capturing live performances. Check out our VR video capture of the final Bob Baker Marionette Theater performance we produced with Clever Fox Media.

We develop for all major VR platforms including Oculus, PSVR, Vive, GearVR, Daydream, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Vive Focus, Cardboard, and more!

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