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Augmented reality

FLARB is a pioneering developer of AR effects and applications on both Snapchat's Lens and Facebook's SparkAR platforms. Our work has been featured by Snapchat in both the main carousel and Lens Explorer. FLARB is an official Snapchat Lens Creative Partner, and FLARB's founder, Ralph Barbagallo, is one of the first Snapchat Official Lens Creators. FLARB's lenses and effects have been experienced by millions of users worldwide, including our lenses developed for brands and bands such as the hip-hop supergroup, CZARFACE .

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In addition to lenses and effects, FLARB also designs and develops AR applications for various platforms. FLARB's AR apps range from multiplayer games such as the award-winning InnAR Wars to the innovative hybrid Toys-to-Life project, Ether Drift.

Mixed Reality

As one of the earliest creators of Microsoft HoloLens apps, FLARB won the 2017 Auggie Award for our Holographic Easter Egg Hunt. Built in conjunction with Microsoft for HoloLens at VRLA 2017, the Holographic Easter Egg Hunt combined a hand-built 30 foot set with a custom-made shared HoloLens experience. Over 1,000 attendees participated in this unique group Mixed Reality experience that combined the digital and physical worlds.

In addition to experiences built for HoloLens, FLARB was selected by Magic Leap to be in the first group of Early Access Magic Leap developers. We've showcased our work in Mixed Reality gaming at events such as VRLA and VRDC. We have also developed mixed reality enterprise applications in sectors such as retail, education, and defense. 

We continue to push the envelope of Mixed Reality gaming and entertainment by developing both original and branded experiences for cutting-edge Mixed Reality platforms.

We develop for all major AR and MR platforms including Snapchat World Lens, Facebook Camera Effects, ARKit, ARCore, Magic Leap, HoloLens, and more!

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